Pets help people amuse leisure, give delight and it`s possible to communicate with them. Whoever is an animal dog or cat people take care of them reckoning on such mutual feelings as devotion, gratitude, dedication and loyalty. Pets play an important role in our life. The majority of animal enthusiasts know that appearing of a kitten of a puppy at home completely changes habitual lifestyle of owners. The care for the health of pets, obedience training of dogs and upbringing establish conditions in which a pet becomes a full-fledged member of the family. Occasionally a pet turns into the center of small universe and all households cherish it with joy.

In spite of various difficulties and lack of time many of us can`t imagine their life without pets. This is not surprising as it is well-known that pets are the best cure for boredom and depression. Besides, appearing of a pet at home is a good reason to start lead an active lifestyle, get rid of emotional and physical problems and acquire good spirits and endurance. For several centuries cats and dogs have remained the most popular pets. What is more, cats confidently hold the leading position. This relates mainly to their ability to do without people. A huge number of cats live in small villages and towns actually on the loose. Sometimes people only feed such animals and provide them a shelter.

If you prefer dogs it`s possible to teach a puppy simple commands and bring up it. It`s necessary to purchase a dog-collar, a lead and organize a place for sleeping. You`ll also have to choose a brush for hair care depending on the breed of your dog. It is also essential to pay necessary attention to dog`s training to avoid possible problems related to its behavior in the future.

Nowadays dogs are still America`s pet of choice as approximately 43,3 million households have one or more dogs. Cats are ranked second in USA as about 36 million families possess at least one feline resident. Cats are among the cleanliest animals and constantly look after themselves. They also try to keep their place clean. For correct care it`s necessary to know cats` habits and vital needs. Cats` upbringing requires patience, sincere love and implies constant friendly but insistent attention.

Animal`s master is frequently inclined to judge his pet by his own feelings and impressions. But indeed animal`s behaviour is explained by its instincts and moral appraisal is irrelevant for them.