Making bouquets of fresh flowers is a whole art as you need to know rules of flowers matching and choose correct combinations of colour range. The key factors of making bouquets are its intended purpose, shape, quantity of flowers and colour range. Daytime and lightning also play an important role while giving a bouquet. If you present a bouquet in the evening it`s better to choose flowers of contrast colours as such a bouquet doesn`t seem pale or unicoloured.

According to the basic rule of making bouquets more than three colours shouldn`t be combined. If you want to create a flashy bouquet try to distribute flowers correctly so it doesn`t look ridiculous.

Combining of two types of flowers – warm and cold is recommended by florists. Flowers of warm colour are better to place in the middle, thereby creating a «core» of the bouquet whereas cold colour flowers should be distributed at the edges.

Bouquets present a means of completing holidays as they help to express warm feelings and congratulations. Before an upcoming occasion it`s possible to consult a specialist asking to create an appropriate for holiday bouquet but not only professional florist is able to make a flowers composition, you can invent it yourselves. For that purpose some simple rules of preparing bouquets should be followed. First of all it`s necessary to come up with bouquet`s colour, idea and flowers. Some flowers can`t stand each other: if you`ve chosen wild flowers adding of other flowers is undesirable. The same applies to exclusive plants. For example, orchids can be combined with a small quantity of greenery. And vice-versa there are flowers serving as a background for any plants in virtually all cases. For instance, irises or decorative sunflowers match any bouquet.

Florists distinguish various styles in the technique of making bouquets. The majority of bouquets are created in a massive style that is characterized by absence of free space between flowers. Simple bouquets created of one-type flowers relate to linear style. Linear-massive style combines two mentioned styles. And the fourth one is called mixed style.