In general cars are divided into three main categories: transport machines (motor-cars, buses, lorries), single-purpose cars and racing cars. Motor-cars present passenger cars with a number of seats not more than eight. Another significant indicator of motor-cars is effective engine cylinder capacity.

Some cars are designed for various sports competitions (closed-circuit race, motor rally, autocross and others). This kind of cars is allowed to use only on special tracks and road segments which are fenced during competitions to ensure public safety.

Cars have been categorized depending on the purpose of using them and vehicle class. There are high-performance cars, luxury, medium and executive cars. The most important parameter of cars is a shape of body. Cars are divided into classes depending on vehicle size, functions of a car and surely price. Of course borders of car classes are not very distinct because manufactures try to modify their cars and provide more functions. If a car model is improved its length is increased by ten or fifteen centimeters. This classification concerns only base and universal cars as coupe, cabriolet and van have their own classifications.

Any car produced in the world presents a set of mechanisms and systems performing definite functions. If we take into account motor-cars which are currently produced there is a huge number of their body types. Everybody type is designed for a definite category of buyers. They are distinguished by construction and every type has its own name. For example, type of car body can be coupe, sedan, hatchback, universal, limousine, pickup, crossover and others. These types are used in construction of motor-cars, passenger-carrying coaches, lorries and off-roaders. The most common cars are motor-cars. They are mainly intended for transportation of a small number of passengers. According to the statistics almost every family possesses such a kind of car. Mini-cars present a variation of motor-cars and are considered to be city transport and have small vehicle size.

It is well understood that nowadays lorries are necessary practically in every field of transportation of oversize loads. Lorries are divided into several types: delivery trucks, haulage trucks, all-purpose vehicles and cars designed for special purposes. Delivery tracks are the most widespread and light cars. Commonly mass of the vehicle doesn`t exceed several tons.