Secrets of culinary art have been passed over the centuries from one housewife to another, from cook to cook. Any cuisine presents a set of various dishes. The ability to cook tasty dishes is very valuable as cookery is a fine art requiring considerable experience and knowledge.

Cooking process is accomplished by means of using various food products, spices as well as inventing attractive names. Cookery is the most ancient kind of activity in the world and probably it will exist for the longest time. It had been created by different nations and in a variety of ways. Recipes and ways of food processing emerged due to centuries-long evolution. National cuisine of every country is a part of its culture. Every country is proud of its culture peculiarities and therefore contributes culture`s development. Cuisine divides into domestic and professional. Professional cuisine is based on national recipes which have been improved by professional cooks.

As a rule educational culinary TV programs are highly-rated as they have a huge viewing audience. Modern television is overwhelmed with diverse culinary programs providing numerous recipes of the tastiest dishes. Recipes present a simple technical description of actions in correct sequence for achieving great and sophisticated dishes. Mixing of different food products is a real science demanding time-consuming practice for realizing elementary and complicated things.

Knowledge of spices and herbs proportions is a top of art that`s why nowadays many people are challenged with need for obtaining a special education. Besides preparing food is very useful for mental health as cooking develops such personal qualities as patience and diligence as well as has a positive impact on people`s mood. There are famous culinary professionals and confectioners in every country who are ready to share their recipes with ordinary amateurs of cooking. However many self-respecting chefs won`t reveal their most significant secrets of cooking as they are highly valuable and precious because these competencies are acquired during long-term experience.

Every cook must be able to use gifts of nature and his talents for recreation of admirable dishes whereas connoisseurs of his occupation accept cook`s new skills with great admiration and highly appreciate his creations. To sum this up, culinary skills present ability to bring joy and pleasure to surrounding people.