Undoubtedly, fashion has always been a powerful mean of expression. As the way we dress reflects our personality, mentality, mood and even our feelings. It is an interesting fact but in many foreign languages “fashion” is a noun of female gender. So it is supposed to be oriented mainly to women. And those in fashion industry state that women buy more clothes that they need. So perhaps we should stop wasting money, have a look into our wardrobes and try to make a list of things that are essential for being stylish.

Do you have something black and white in your wardrobe? Of course it is a classic color combination, but you know, classic is timeless. However, if it is too stark for you try a combo of blue and white: fresh and nice. What about yellow? This season all the shades of yellow are in trend, from amber and canary to saffron and marigold. If everything is rather clear with colors let's find out more about clothing. This spring lightweight trench coats are on top. They are a comfortable stylish mix between a robe, a coat and a kimono. Mind that our main task is to be stylish, so give it a go and you may have lots of different belts come in handy to create a new look every time you put on your trench. Jeans are a given for any season. Baggy or skinny, it is up to you and your figure which to choose.

Have you got a shirtdress at your disposal? This season designers reinvent this nice thing, keeping its classic shape but with drop waist, double high slits and more. If shirtdress is too boring for you, choose one-shoulder cuts. Believe it or not but shoulders have become one of the most attractive part of the body. Show them off in one-shoulder dresses or tops. If this is too cheeky for you, then pay attention to the military style which is always popular and in fashion. The last but not the least thing in the wardrobe is footwear. No matter what you prefer to wear: high heels, flats, sneakers or sandals, in your shoes you have to enjoy every step.

Being stylish is definitely a part of everyday life. Just remember that you can wear a simple dress and yet look gorgeous. So pick clothes which suit your mindset and the occasion you are dressing for. Don't look like anybody else, look like you.