Holidays are a vital part of every nation. They show the depth of cultural traditions and are always dedicated to the most important dates in the country's history. When we look at the calendar and see the date we recall the events which stand for it. Then we tell the children what this holiday means. This way we make our contribution to keeping the national memory alive. The USA is quite a young country but it has already had its own distinctive holidays. As well as join in the celebrations of world wide ones. The New Year's Day starts the year. It falls on January 1 and it is a very joyful and merry holiday. That is why many people have parties and masquerade balls, where according to the tradition guests unmask at midnight. The center of the country's celebrations is Times Square in New York.

Next important date in the holiday calendar is President's Day held on the third Monday in February. The day honors presidents of the USA. It is time of patriotic celebrations and remembrance.

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is a unique holiday, because no famous people or important dates stand for it. This day is dedicated to all the mothers. Children young and not so young do their best to show their love and appreciation of countless hours mothers spent while caring for them. It is a tradition to treat moms to breakfast in bed and ask them out for dinner. Therefore all over the country cafes and restaurants are overcrowded. Another tradition is to give moms flowers. Usually carnations are bought as they are the official flower of this holiday: red or pink for the living mothers and white to put on the graves of mothers who passed away.

Memorial Day was initiated to honor the soldiers died during the American War. Only by the end of the 19th century it was extended to include all the soldiers died at the US Army service as well as veterans. In 1971 Memorial Day became a national holiday and is celebrated on the last Monday of May. During the Memorial weekend many families visit war memorials and military cemeteries.

The Independence Day or the Fourth of July is one of the most beloved holidays. It is the country's birthday. This day Americans are entitled of work, so they have day long picnics. The afternoon activity would not be complete without lively music, a friendly baseball game, three-legged race and pie-eating contest. Some cities have parades with people dressed as the original founding fathers. In the evening people gather to watch fireworks display.

Thanksgiving Day is a time of festivity and family celebrations. This day is a time for gifting your family and showing your gratitude and respect. It is also a time to remember the pilgrims. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday every November. And it is the official beginning of the Christmas season.

The last date in holiday calendar is Christmas, which is on December 25. This holiday is loved by both children and adults. As it gives us hope for better future and make us believe that wonders happen in our lives.