What gives people a superior chance to relax and learn something new at the same time? You guessed. The answer is travelling. Whatever you prefer a short bus trip, a cruise on board of a luxury liner or a tour round the country travelling is fun. It also gives you lots of opportunities to test yourself. You can go backpacking to explore the jungles in search of undiscovered Indian villages. You can raft down the rivers or climb up the mountains and admire the views from the top. For daredevils there are still deep oceans with their underwater mysteries and adventures. Or you can just chill out in a quiet countryside.

Many people regard travelling as the open book of cultural treasures. Without doubt the most valuable germs of the collection are such European cities as Paris, London, and Rome. Paris is wonderful in all the seasons. It has a timeless fame for being the most romantic city in the world and having the largest number of first-time and frequent visitors. The city possesses instantly recognizable architectural icons, such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral, chic boutiques and priceless masterpieces. Paris dining is iconic, too. You can easily discover culinary wonders there.

London is definitely worth visiting. The city is the landmark itself, as well as the fundamentals of English traditions. Do not miss the chance to watch the Change of Guards, hear the Big Ben chimes and observe the city with the London Eye. More over London has many exciting museums which you can visit for free. And incredibly delicious beer is always available in the pubs.

History, glory and human genius have made Rome one of the world's most exciting and thrilling cities. For much of its history Rome has been at the centre of world events. This is writ large on its historic streets. Walk around the city centre and you will come across masterpieces- sculptures by Michelangelo, incredible frescoes by Raphael and fountains by Bernini. Art in Rome is all around you. And a good meal in a Roman trattoria, accompanied with a bottle of local wine provides you with energy for walking.

Yet for every traveler drawn to the big city, there are others who embrace the great outdoors. Punta Cana is an inexpensive paradise in Dominican Republic with white-sand cozy beaches accompanied by crystal clear blue water and in addition to these wonders a coral reef that stretches for six miles. Make the absolute most of the strikingly beautiful Caribbean waters. You can enjoy scuba diving, underwater hunting, as well as Eco Tours by canoes, which are quickly catching on. If you do not like liming in the sun but still love water think of Niagara Falls as a perfect option. The American side is great, but the Canadian side is simply beautiful. You can walk up to Horseshoe Falls admiring the magnificent gardens along the river. Horseshoe Falls is fabulous, but if you want to get close you will need to wear rain gear. The sprays soak everything. And still it is stunning - the giant wall of water falling, the deafening sound of the water and white mist rising creating a white blanket of rain. So if you have thirst for adventure this place is just for you. So, wherever you go, whatever you see you will always be pleased in spite of the fee.